Our Policies

Shree Shyam Domestic & International Packers

Our Policies:

Privacy Policy:-

Shree Shyam Domestic and International Packers concerns only on rendering the best service to their customers. We deal friendly with them and are rooted in their mind for the last many years. We maintain transparency for a firm privacy policy altogether.

(A) Information Types: Whenever someone makes any queries or call us, we get their details. Like names, phone numbers or email addresses. With those, also we have their IP address, cookies in the time of any access at our website. We store pieces of information to create a database of the clients who need our help.

(B) Information Usage: We take consent from the customer before any use of the information. It is up to them only to allow us to use them. Also, they are open to sharing those details. We do website updation of our won. Hence, there is no way to pilfering of data anyway. At maximum, we store them for one year. Then we update them as when required.

(C) Policy Change: If any change occurs in our privacy policy, we readily inform it to our customers via email or any other means. We thus transparent to our clients and value their trust. They have total authority to ask for any correction or removal of the same.

(D) Information Storing: We never share our database with anyone for any reason. It is used by Shree Shyam or any authorised by us only. We preserve every information with precise security for our internal use.

Other Policies:-

(A) Working Policy: Shree Shyam domestic & international packers always plan well before the final start of the procedure. Our customer-care team contact you immediately after your call to us. Sometimes we send them for a survey. Then first, we plan for packing. It needs a proper plan as we use different packing materials in packing your goods. We decide the packing date and start the job on that day. After it is done, we fix the loading date. Our expert loading team uses many modern techniques in loading. Every time they go for a secured move. Hence, your consignment is free from any damage in our hands.

(B) Payment Policy: In the point of monetary handling, Shree Shyam packers is cautious always. You can find us reasonable in our charges. We take the full payment in advance; also you can book your order with 50% advance of the total cost. The rest payment we charge after our timely delivery. Also, we are customer friendly in the mode of payments. We are flexible with cashless transactions. Hence, our customers don’t have to bother regarding fees.

(C) Insurance and Claims: Any incident may occur anytime in transit. They may cause damage sometimes. Hence, Shree Shyam packers always prefers transit insurance before any move. But at the same time, we never indulge any customer in taking any insurance. But we suggest it for total peace of mind. We also settle our claims, if any, at the earliest. Our customers are pleased with our services regarding insurance and its claims.